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I’m a proud believer, husband, father, veteran, volunteer with a wide array of mechanical, electrical, networking, telecommunications, hardware and software skills, knowledge and experience through service in the U.S. Air Force, my experience in the Legal, Oil & Gas and Software Vendor sectors/industries as well as my never ending habit of fixin' things.


I'm a family man who's blessed by a beautiful and talented wife (of almost 30 years...and yes she's a Saint) and 2 awesome grown children.  I’m also an experienced and versatile problem solver who loves a technical challenge. I'm always looking to improve, design, build or create solutions through the uses of technology to make our daily jobs easier and life more enjoyable.  


As the son of a Mechanical Engineer who could fix or build almost anything and the grandson of a former Army Mechanic who made a living fixing things after the War (and had a junkyard full of old stuff) my fix it or build it myself mindset was ingrained by default.

From an early age I learned how fun it is to take something apart to see how it works and/or to make it work again.  My Grandfather's junk yard was a goldmine for an over-active kid like myself.  Having access to his "junk" resulted in my first tech installation at the age of 10 when I wired-up an old rotary phone in my bedroom.  I was proud to be the only kid in elementary school with a penny pinching dad and my own phone.  This also began my path along the learning curve of making things better on a shoestring budget or of "doing more with less".


I'm a self proclaimed Redneck Engineer with a versatile background and deep-seated drive to serve others for His glory.  ​It's only through the Lord's guidance, strength and purposes that I'm enabled to make a positive impact on others and to "leave things better than I found them". 

As someone who is "always thinking" and many times looks at things a bit differently than most, I've learned to cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement (or "Kaizen").  This allows me to utilize my creative thinking, inquisitive mindset, technical prowess and mechanical abilities to fix things and make things work better.

I could very well be the most unique Technology Consultant you'll ever work with. Let's test that theory, shake hands and sit down to talk to see if I can help with your Tech needs.

Side Note: I started my business as Handlebar-Tex due to my signature handlebar mustache, a given nickname of "Tex" ...and because I'm a proud Texan.

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