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IT & Tech Solutions


Customized Business and Residential Tech Services and Solutions

I'm a proud Desert Storm Veteran, IT Professional, Technical Handyman and self-proclaimed Redneck Engineer with a nickname of "Tex" and a passion for fixing things.  I've enjoyed over 30 years of honing my technical troubleshooting skills and expertise through building, troubleshooting, repairing and installing technology in everything from autos, homes and military aircraft to businesses and office buildings.  


I'm here to help in any way with any technical hurdles you need to overcome. 

I tame technology through cost effective customized solutions and repairs

If IT's broken I can troubleshoot IT

If IT doesn't exist it I can create IT

If IT's new I can integrate or install IT

Redneck Engineering - when a skilled tradesman's talent, ability and life experiences are used in cohesion together to identify, design, create and implement solutions that exceed expectations, budgets, and usability

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Believer, Husband, Father, Desert Storm (USAF) Veteran, Analyst, Consultant and Technical resource with a BBA/MIS degree from the University of Houston.

Versatile problem solver with experience as an Aircraft Mechanic/Electrician, Business/Systems Analyst, System/Software Design, Networking/Communications, Hardware Builder and Technical Troubleshooter.

Highly motivated "people person" with an aptitude for increasing productivity and making things work better together thru innovative approaches and solutions in a variety of business settings and scenarios.

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Have a technical challenge to overcome?

Contact me today.

Let me identify and implement the right IT solution for you


cell: 713-261-6237

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